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The Big 100


Since January, 2007, upon leaving his four-year stint as Maui County Environmental Coordinator, Rob has authored a weekly eco-column in Maui’s last independent newspaper, Maui Time Weekly. Two years later, in his 100th article, Rob related the grassroots e-mail outreach that marked the early inception of the now-popular weekly feature.

The big one-double-oh  Maui Time Weekly  1/8/09


DLNR'nt  Honolulu Weekly 9/1/2010

Ma‘alaea Injection Wells Damaging Coral Reef
Maui Time 6/3/2010

Wastewater Injection Wells May Be Polluting Our Ocean
Maui Time Cover 5/20/2010

Injecting Controversy

Glimmer of Hope  Maui Time 4/8/2010

Pau for Now  Maui Time  1/14/2010

View From Above  Maui Time 1/7/2010

Eleven Ideas for Fixing Agriculture on Maui
Maui Time 12/17/2009

Same Old, Same Old  Maui Time 12/10/2009

From Gutenburg to Texting  12/3/09  Maui Time Weekly

Remembering Chris Harstad  11/26/09 Maui Time Weekly

Green Festival Shows New Way Forward  11/19/09 Maui Time Weekly

Glimmer of Hope

Save the Pseudorca  11/12/09 Maui Time Weekly

News section Rob Report Something's Fishy With Big Island "Tuna Farm"  11/5/09 Maui Time Weekly

Real Property Tax Office to Ag Owners: Justify Farm Use or Lose Tax Rate  10/29/09 Maui Time Weekly

Speakers Question, Defend Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar's Maui Water Diversions   10/22/09 Maui Time Weekly

Kipahulu Bus Tour Offers Look at Maui Sustainability  10/22/09 Maui Time Weekly

Shooting Down the LCROSS Moon Mission  10/15/09 Maui Time Weekly

Hawaii and Maui Renewable Energy Rundown 10/8/09 Maui Time Weekly

Raising Water Awareness & Restoring Maui's Streams  10/1/09  Maui Time Weekly

Beach Cleanups, Canoe Race, Maui Marathon and GMO Taro Ban Offer Hope  9/24/09  Maui Time Weekly

Maui County Energy Expo 9/17/09 Maui Time Weekly

Maui Food Fight 9/10/09 Maui Time Weekly

MauiEcoBuilt  9/3/09 Maui Time Weekly

50 Years of Hawaii Statehood 8/27/09 Maui Time Weekly

Mayor Tavares Wants to Grow Algae for Biofuel. Bad Idea.
8/27/09 Maui Time Weekly

Operation Greenharvest  8/20/09  Maui Time Weekly

Is Maui Ready for a Hurricane?  8/13/09  Maui Time Weekly

Spare Change   8/6/2009
Mood Swing   Maui Time Weekly version

Bold Steps   Maui Time Weekly 7/30/09

The Home Stretch   Maui Time Weekly 7/23/09

Remarkable Aloha  Maui Time Weekly 7/16/09

Slow Burn  Maui Time Weekly  7/2/09

Budget Bust    Maui Time Weekly  6/25/09

Grace by Osmosis    Maui Time Weekly 6/18/09

Green Screenings   Maui Time Weekly 6/11/09

You Like Beef, Brah?  Maui Time Weekly 6/4/09

The War Within   Maui Time Weekly 5/28/2009

Second Opinion   Maui Time Weekly 5/21/2009

We've Got Issues   Maui Time Weekly 5/14/2009

Consumer Retorts   Maui Time Weekly 5/7/2009

Oils Well that Ends Well Maui Time Weekly 4/30/2009

The Green Issue   Maui Time 4/23/2009   (Cover)

Scott Cossu    Maui Time 4/23/2009   (Music)

The Wrath of El Gripe    Maui Time 4/16/2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy   Maui Time 4/9/2009

Ocean Sustainability Event Maui Time 4/2/2009

Special Delivery  Maui Time 3/26/09

Ferry Interesting Maui Time 3/19/09

Superferry Progress Report Maui Time Cover Story 3/12/09

Call to Action  Maui Time 3/13/09

'Shroom for Improvement Maui TIme Weekly 3/5/09

Garden of Plenty   Maui Time Weekly 2/26/09

Fixing the system Maui Time Weekly 2/19/09

Sign of the Times Maui Time Weekly 2/12/09

PR-Friendly Skies   Maui Time Weekly  2/5/09

Matters of the Art  Maui Time Weekly Cover Story 2/5/09

Watchdog Millionaire  Maui Time Weekly 1/29/09

Change in the Wind  Maui Time Weekly 1/22/09

Superferry Report Card

Solar Flair   Maui Time Weekly  1/15/09

The year that was   Maui Time Weekly 1/1/09

Hosts of Christmas past  Maui Time Weekly 12/25/08

Christmas at Makena   Maui Time Weekly   12/18/08

The Big Maui Bailout    Maui Time Weekly   12/11/08

Malama Kaua'i   Maui Time Weekly    12/4/08

'It Isn't About Jobs'   Maui Time Weekly   11/27/08

Political Will   Maui Time Weekly 11/20/08

True blue change  Maui Time Weekly 11/13/08

Biofueling the Fire    Maui Time Weekly  11/7/08

Election reflections   Maui Time Weekly  10/30/08

Ain't No Sunshine   Maui Time Weekly   10/30/08

Here comes the sun   Maui Time Weekly  10/23/08

Palm Oil Salesman    Maui Time Weekly  10/16/07

Real homeland security   Maui Time Weekly  10/9/08

The Big 100

Flowing with the changes   Maui Time Weekly  10/02/08

Fruits of his labor   Maui Time Weekly   9/25/09

Sister Act  Maui Time Weekly   9/25/09

Follow the Money   Maui Time Weekly   9/18/08

Slime for Change  Maui Time Weekly 9/11/08

Bee aware    Maui Time Weekly 9/4/08

The Energy Doctor Maui Time Weekly 8/28/08

We lift up each other   Maui Time Weekly  8/28/08

Cultivating Change  Maui Time Weekly 8/21/08

Presto change-o zoning   Maui TIme Weekly  8/14/08

Wish Upon a Starr  Maui Time Weekly 8/7/08

Mr. Green   Maui time Weekly  8/7/08

Totally 'ag'ravating  Maui Time Weekly 7/31/08

Reef Madness  Maui time Weekly 7/24/08

Something's Fishy   Maui TIme Weekly  7/10/08

All in the 'Ohana   Maui Time Weekly 7/3/08

Drowning in Sound   Maui Time Weekly   6/26/08

Safe to Eat?   Maui Time Weekly   6/26/08

Rehash, Revisit, Recycle   Maui Time Weekly  6/19/08

Where's the Water, Brah?  Maui Time Weekly  6/12/08

Campaign Challenge  Maui Time Weekly  6/5/08

Who's Fueling Who?   Maui Time Weekly  5/29/08

How PC is the PUC?   Maui Time Weekly  5/22/08

Ulupalakua  Maui Time Weekly   5/15/08

Big on Bamboo   Maui Time Weekly  5/8/08

Drastic Plastic   Maui Time Weekly  5/1/08

Global Warning    Maui Time Weekly 4/24/08

Plantation Politics   Maui Time Weekly   4/17/08

The Frights of Spring   Maui Time Weekly  4/10/08

Deadly Price Maui Time Cover & Nature Alert 4/3/08


Positive Energy  Maui Time Weekly 3/27/08

Back into the Wild   Maui Time Weekly  3/20/08

Bali Spirit   Maui Time Weekly  3/13/08

Peak-a-Boo   Maui Time Weekly   3/6/08

Floating Ideas   Maui Time Weekly  2/28/08

Coastal vs. Postal    Maui Time Weekly  2/21/08

Corn-ucopia   Maui Time Weekly  2/14/08

Doorway into Light   Maui Time Weekly  2/7/08

Plastic in the Soup   Maui Time Weekly   1/31/08

Walking the 'Ledge'   Maui Time Weekly  1/24/08

Through a Malahini's Eyes   Maui Time Weekly 1/17/08

Reading the Daily Muse   Maui Time Weekly  1/10/08

You Say You Want a Resolution...    Maui TIme Weekly  1/3/08  

Three for the Future   Maui Time Weekly   12/27/07

The Spirit of Giving    Maui Time Weekly   12/20/07

Water, Water Everywhere   Maui Time Weekly  12/13/07

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AG Lands and the 'M' Word   Maui Time Weekly  11/22/07

Public (F)utility  Maui Time Weekly 11/15/07

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Ho'ala  Maui Time Cover 8/23/07


Food Insecurity  Maui Time Weekly  8/16/07

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Something That Works  Maui Time Weekly  7/5/07

Plan "B"    Maui Time Weekly  6/21/07

Musings on the Superferry Traffic Simulation   Maui Time Weekly  6/7/07

Taking the Initiative   Maui Time Weekly 5/31/07

Reality vs. Insanity  Maui Time Weekly  5/24/07

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2050 Vision  Maui Time Weekly 5/10/07

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No Fuel Like a Biofuel   Maui Time Weekly  4/5/07

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Living Legacies   Maui Time Weekly  3/1/07

Biofuels   Maui Time Weekly 2/22/07

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State of Disquietude    Maui Time Weekly   2/1/07

What the Heck is 'Sustainability?'   Maui Time Weekly 1/27/07

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Take a Care the Nature   Maui Time Weekly  1/11/07