Rob Parsons



Dedicated efforts require dedicated funding.

Hawaii’s developers, land-owners, and politicians are well-funded in working to achieve their goals. Environmental initiatives and organizations are largely dependent upon volunteer efforts and donations.

More than ever, your financial sponsorship—large or small—is encouraged to help protect, preserve, and restore the quality of life we cherish so deeply about Maui and Hawaii. The majority of my hours spent working on issues of renewable energy, local food security, island sustainability, and watch-dogging development projects and planning are pro bono. To continue being effective in bringing attention for wise solutions to both the community and to our decision makers, I need your help.

Barack Obama’s campaign was funded with repeated requests to donate at a level that everyone could afford, even as little as five dollars. What can you afford to contribute to ongoing eco-efforts, as your link to the emerging legacy we will leave to future generations?

Small donations may be easily registered through Paypal:

Larger contributions can be made through a tax-exempt 501(c)(3). Should you have any questions, please . We thank you, Maui thanks you, and our Mother Earth thanks you.


Rob Parsons and Dennis Kucinich
Maya Soetoro-ng and Rob Parsons
Mayor Harry Kim and Rob Parsons